Data Stories

Share of candidates with declared criminal cases in India in 2019, by major political party

By Dhananajay Kumar

Source: Statista

Value of illicit items seized during Indian Lok Sabha elections in April 2019(in billion Indian rupees)

By Taniva Singha Roy

Source: Statista

Changes in the number of constituencies in Karnataka

By Sneha Kumar

Source: Election commission of India

Number of candidates contesting for Lok Sabha elections in India in 2019, by gender

By Mansi Arora

Source: Statista

Number of Lok Sabha election candidates in India in 2019, by age group

By Somanjali Das

Source: Statista

Percentage of women in parliament for countries across the world

By Anas Ali

Voter turnout for the Lok Sabha elections across India in 2019, by state 

By Aakriti Srivastava 

Source: Statista

In five years, 2019-2022, the most number of electoral bonds sold in Mumbai.

By Anupreksha Jain

Source: Election Commission of India

State-wise representation of members in Lok sabha with respect to the population of the state 

By Anuja Parashar

Source: Lok Sabha

Number of Lok Sabha election candidates in India in 2019, by the level of education

By: Shreshtha Dutta

Source: Statista

Value of cash seized during the Indian Lok Sabha elections as of May 2019, by state

By Anchal Verma

Source: Statista

Value of income among major political parties across India in FY 2018

By Neha Soni

Source: Statista 

State-wise Legislative Assembly seats

By Harshita Meenaktshi

Source: GK Chronicle

Share of candidates contesting in Lok Sabha elections in India in 2019, by the value of private wealth (in million Indian rupees)

By Riya Roy Chowdhury

Source: Statista