Parties prioritize social welfare for elections

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Political parties to work for the education and minority welfare for the upcoming state election.

Political parties are looking to enhance and re-implement old social welfare schemes alongside introducing new ones for the upcoming state elections in 2023.

M.G.Mahesh, spokesperson for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Karnataka said that withnew amendments in the current schemes, the party is set to make it easy for people by providing educational, medical and financial facilities.

He alsosaid, “The Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme launched by the BJP government on November 1, 2021 has received up to twolakh applications to avail services like getting birth certificate, death certificate and driving license. After this response we are thinking to digitalize the services for domestic workers, rag pickers, tailors, mechanics, barbers, potters and many more. Before making these services online, we will hire individuals to train people how to use these e-services. These measures are time saving for both the citizens and the government officials.”

Vijay Sahoo resident of Jaya Prakash Nagar said, “The Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme is helpful. After the demise of my father, my mother had to get the widow certificate. We dialed the toll free number provided on the website and we were assigned a Jan Sevak or a delivery individual to verify our documents and we received our certificate within two weeks.”

Maheshsaid that the goal of the party is fixed since it has come to power, there are many assurances from their side which they are aiming to fulfill in the upcoming elections.

V.S. Ugrappa from Indian National Congress (INC) said that minority welfare is the chief concern for the party. Under the Land Ownership Scheme of the state, the party has promised two acres of dry land to scheduled caste and scheduled tribe families. “Bore wells under Ganga Kalyan Scheme will provide irrigation to the lands for these backward communities to help them with farming and irrigation,” he added.

Ugrappa mentioned that at least 10,000 educated individuals from backward castes will get loan and subsidies under the Airavatha Scheme to help them purchase taxis, three wheelers and four wheelers for self employment. “Our party pledges to provide homes to at least three lakh families of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe communities,” he added.

Mohan Dasari, President of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Bengaluru said, “Apart from re implementation of the Old Pension Scheme in the state, our party if given a chance to come into power will work to build hospitals in taluks in all over Karnataka.” He added, “People living in taluks either have to go to their districts or to the cities like Bengaluru and Mangalore for treatment. To avoid that, our party is focusing on bringing medical facilities close to them.”

Congress has aimed to provide scholarships to students from first grade to eighth grade along with hostel facilities for economically weaker sections.

Mahesh said that education apart from social welfare is another target for their party. “Education is our main target. According to the survey conducted by our party, Nali Kali scheme has turned out to be effective in terms of teaching. Our motto is to involve more of practical and skill based mode of teaching for better results. The scheme only works for students from first grade till third, we are aiming to stretch it till fifth standard for skillful learning,” he added. 

Dasari said that the education sector is as important as the health sector to AAP. The party is keen on working for the better infrastructure of government schools in Karnataka. “The government schools in taluks and even in urban areas have spaces without computer labs, science labs and libraries. Since the pandemic the conditions of school and education have deteriorated. Our party wants children to prefer government schools over private ones, for that we would work from the roots to revise the syllabus, introduce languages and a more skill-based curriculum. Apart from this AAP is also planning to work for the minority welfare and to bring more employment opportunities in the state,” he added.

Ms. Pooja Sharma, head of the department, political science at KL International School said, “Focusing on the schemes is one of the good strategies to gain the confidence of the citizens. The implementation and the working of the schemes actually show the efficiency of the parties. Political parties should focus on the development that comes alongside with the promise of implementing the scheme.”