Monday, January 18, 2021

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Road construction gathers dust

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Big screens, Big losses

Some cinema theatre staff revealed they are not even getting 10 bookings per show. Kolkata: Movie theatre business in Kolkata has reduced to 50 per cent of what it used to be, despite them opening on October 15, 2020, say staff.           Cinema hall managers believe that the fear of Covid-19 has prevented people from […]

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Disposable utensils make a comeback

Food-stall owners are using disposable utensils to minimize contact with customers and ensure safety from coronavirus. Indore: Food-stall owners, who earlier used steel plates and glass tumblers, can now be seen serving food and beverages in plastic and paper disposables to ensure safety from COVID-19. The leniency of the authorities in collecting fines has contributed […]

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People’s health worsens after Visakhapatnam gas leak

The  poisonous Styrene gas leak from the explosion seven months ago still haunts many people in the surrounding villages. Visakhapatnam: After seven months of the gas leak, most people who lived in surrounding areas of the L.G Polymers Company are still suffering from health-related side effects. Nearly 45 to 60 people in villages around L.G […]