Thursday, April 22, 2021

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New bill scraps the old

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Online thrift wave sweeps sustainable fashion

With the recent emergence of new and varied online thrift stores, people have started to look at fashion that’s sustainable. Bengaluru: It’s time to combat fast fashion. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. “The fashion industry produces 10 percent of all humanity’s carbon emissions”, states a World Economic Forum report. […]

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Second wave shatters Vendor’s Hopes

Street food vendors say business has not picked back up, as their regular customers have not returned from their hometowns for fear of the second wave of the virus. Bangalore: Before the street food vendors could recover losses induced by the lockdown, another wave of Covid-19 became an obstacle to their business. Street food vendors say that they […]

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Food wastage continues, needy left begging

Food wastage continues in Bangalore after the Pandemic but  fails to reach those in need. Food, enough for around 20 lakh people goes into the bin in Bangalore every Sunday . The amount of food lost or wasted costs 2.6 trillion USD annually and is enough to feed all 815 million hungry people in the […]

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