Temperature soars, so do sales of juices and tender coconuts

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The rise in demand for tender coconuts and other fruit juices has also led to a surge in their prices.

Scorching heat. Bustling markets. Chatter of people going about their day. It was a busy day at Subedar Chatram (SC) Road near Kempegowda Bus Station. Ananya, a student from Bengaluru, was strolling along the street with her friend, exploring different shops, when they decided to stop at a juice shop to have sugarcane juice to quench their thirst in the blistering heat of the city. Similarly, for many in the city roadside shops selling tender coconut and other juices have become vital to tackle the heat.

As temperatures spiked in Bengaluru, vendors have witnessed a surge in sales of fruit juices, cut fruits, and tender coconut. Balram, who sells cut fruits and orange juice in t he Shivajinagar area, has received more customers this summer.“Apart from the usual customers from the nearby offices, we have been getting many new customers this season,” he said. 

Similarly, Jyothi, a vendor who sells sugarcane juice in Indiranagar, said that she has observed an increase in the number of customers. On extremely hot days, more people come to the stall for sugarcane juice. Some people even stop their vehicles to take a break and enjoy a drink, she said.

Shobha, who travels to her office every day for about an hour, expressed how roadside fruit juice stalls and tender coconut shops are lifesavers for her. “Sometimes, it becomes really difficult to travel in this heat. I often need to take a break and hydrate myself. These roadside shops selling tender coconuts and juices are a relief during such times.”

Manjula, a street vendor, has recently started selling Majjige (buttermilk), in a cart near Subedar Chatram (SC) Road. “I used to sell bottled water near bus stands and railway stations. When summer started, I decided to sell buttermilk here for Rs. 20. The response from customers has been positive,” she said.

Not only did the temperature or the sale of these items witness a surge, but their prices too have risen. Vishwanath, a vendor who sells tender coconuts near Indiranagar metro station said that the price of tender coconut has risen from Rs. 41 to Rs. 50. 

Similarly, Vijaya Kumar, who sells orange juice on Union Street in Shivaji Nagar, has noticed a price hike for oranges. 

Not all customers are happy with the surge in prices of these items. Suraj, a college student said, “Earlier the price of tender coconut used to be around Rs. 20 to Rs. 25, now the price has suddenly doubled to Rs. 50, this is too high for a single tender coconut,” he said in agitation.  

Experts say that the parity between demand and supply of tender coconut and other fruit juices during summer leads to its price hike. Dr. Yadu C R, Assistant Professor in Economics, at RV University, said “During summer, the sales of tender coconut and other fruit juices usually pick up. That means there is an increase in the demand for these commodities. However, if the supply of these commodities is not keeping pace with the increasing demand, it will result in a price rise,” he said. 

He further said that if the supply of fruits and tender coconut is in pace with the demand, the rise in sales would mean more income for the people selling these commodities.

This year, Bengaluru experienced a significant increase in temperatures and faced a water crisis. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) observatory recorded the hottest day in the last three years at 37.2 degrees celsius in April. According to a news report, the last time the city recorded more than 37 degrees celsius was on April 1, 2021.