C N Manjunath confident of his win: Exclusive interview

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Most Vokkaligas still support us, the voters will vote for development above caste, said the BJP candidate.

“I am confident I will win from Bangalore Rural Lok Sabha Constituency, I have campaigned for more than a month. The kind of reaction I have gotten is very positive. People’s reaction has boosted my confidence,” said Manjunath.  “People from my constituency thanked me for contesting and said that they want me to be elected and represent them in the Parliament,” he added.

Reacting to the open support of Vokkalligas to Congress, he said that he is assured that people of his constituency will support the BJP for the development and the good work that the party has done. He was reacting  to the announcement by the Karnataka Vokkaliga Sangha that the community will not vote for the BJP and JDS candidates in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Earlier this week, one of the most politically important communities of Karanatka, the Vokkaligas  who make up 11 percent of the state population had announced their open support to the Congress Party.

In an exclusive interview to The SoftCopy, he said that he is certain of his win. He said that he has campaigned in his constituency for the past three months and he is sure that the voters of his constituency will support him.

He said that he has gone to the public with the promise of employment and opportunities.

C N Manjunath in an exclusive interview with TheSoftCopy

Bangalore Rural candidate from the Bharatiya Janata Party, C N Manjunath along with his family cast vote in Padamanabhanagar. He is contesting for the seat along with Congress’s D K Suresh. Mr. Manjunath cast his vote along with his children and wife  Anusuya, the daughter of JD(S) supremo and former prime minister H D Deve Gowda.

C N Manjunath and his wife posing with a 104-year-old voter

 Mr. Manjunath, also a cardiac surgeon, was seen posing for the media with a 104-year-old voter who had come from the UK to cast her vote. While speaking to The SoftCopy, Mr. Manjunath said that everyone, despite their choice of the candidate should come out to vote and fulfill their responsibility. He said, “People who don’t come out to vote have no right to criticize the government.”

C N Manjunath urges people to vote