Cement Factory of Gangasandra


In the village of Gangasandra under K.gollahali panchayat, on the outskirts of Bengaluru, village dwellers have been protesting since the last 5 years against a cement factory which has become the cause of several dust allergies and respiratory issues. The local phc in K.gollahali sees around 20 cases of respiratory issues like bronchitis, dust allergies and asthma. The village panchayat says that the factory has been functioning without a proper permit and authorities take no cognizance of the issue. A government primary school in the 200m vicinity of the factory faces the most difficulty.

Children in the school find it unable to breathe, eat and play. The villagers protest for the complete closure of the factory. Children here complain of eye-redness and breathlessness. Since, most parents of these children are daily wage laborers, they often resort to over the counter cough syrups and other medications. Pulmonologists say that, persistent exposure to cement dust can cause Tuberculosis and sillicosis. Cement dust has fine silica particles which can hamper lung development in children and aggregate existing lung issues for adults.

As per Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) guidelines, no factory or industrial unit should be in 10-15 km of residential area. Gangasandra, comes under Ramnagra taluk, which is one of the areas identified as green zones in Karnataka. A green zone is only meant for agricultural activities and any industrial activity is prohibited under green zones.