Rail Museum Renovation Disappoints Employees

Bangalore City State

The decision of shutting  the rail museum for three months might again cost the employees their salaries


Bangalore, April 8, 2019

After the decision of the Mysuru division of South Western Railways to revamp the old Rail Museum of the nation in Mysore, in order to promote tourism and to protect an important part of the history of Indian Railways, its employees are left disappointed with the shutdown of the museum, as they won’t be given salaries and will not have work to support their families. The museum will get a new makeover and it will be upgraded with an estimated cost of Rs four crore -and will be closed for three months.

The railway division would carry out the works, such as the construction of an alley, landscaping, construction of a cafeteria, renovating the historical Sri-Ranga Pavilion and the beautification of the entrance access.

The main features of the Museum presently are the Chamundi Gallery where a number of black and white photographs and paintings are displayed depicting the growth of Indian Railways. One can also have a glimpse of the first steam engine in Mysore and their signalling accessories from the beginning of the railways itself. There is also a battery operated mini train giving a short ride for children.

Aparna Garg, Mysuru Divisional Manager, said “The employees who are presently working in maintaining the rail museum have to wait for the salaries. The museum will be revamped and is shut down for three months that means these employees won’t have work. We are planning to give them compensative work but it is not yet decided.”

Srikar N, a railway museum employee said “I have been working here for over two years and the salary we get is somewhat sufficient for running my home. But now, after the decision of shutting the museum for three months, we are disappointed because we won’t have work and even if we are engaged in some other work, the compensation cannot fulfil our monthly needs. “.

“We may hire some employees to collect and look after the prized possessions like paintings, photographs, signalling signs, old lights, machines used for ticketing. So, we are still yet to take a decision,” added, Aparna Garg.