Data Stories: Food

Data Stories

On the occasion of the upcoming World Food Day, here are some of the exciting data sets about food consumption and production across the globe.

Increase in production of rice and meat (chicken) by major countries in the world (1960-2020).

By: Anas Ali

Source: Our World in Data

India’s state-wise production of pepper for 2021-22

By: Neha Soni

Source: Agri Exchange – APEDA

Basmati Rice Export for India

By: Sneha Kumar

Leading egg-producing countries worldwide in 2020

By Somanjali Das

State wise production of pulses in India from 2019-2020

By Taniva Singha Roy


 Graph showing the Global hunger index scores of India from 2000-2021

By: Mansi Arora

Source: Statista

  Vegetarian Population amongst the top 5 vegetarian states in India. 

  By: Anuja Parashar

Source: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

The given data shows the Production of Maize in three states namely Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra in the cropping year 2020-2021. 

By: Shreshtha Dutta


The central government provides one-time financial assistance to the State Food Commission (SFCs) for non-building assets like fax machines, telephones, tables, chairs, etc. This data represents the budget provision for one-time financial assistance for the SFCs.

By: Harshita Meenaktshi

Source:  Department of Food and Public Distribution

Pie chart showing top 5 countries importing walnut, Germany is the largest importer of walnut followed by Italy in second position in 2020.

By: Anchal Verma

Source: APEDA

India hunger statistics for the year 2017 -2021, The hunger statistics of India shows that population below minimum level of dietary energy consumption has been increasing since 2017 but alongside the hunger percentage the population has also been increasing continuously.

By: Aakriti Srivastava

Source:  World Bank

India’s foodgrains and sugarcane production (million tonnes)

By: Dhananjay Gautam

Source: RBI Handbook of statistics.

Top food chains in India in terms of Revenue 2019

By: Riya Roy Chowdhary

Source: Stocktalk

The graph depicts the expenditure made by the governments on giving food subsidies

By: Anupreksha Jain

Source: Department of food and public distribution