Lalbagh: Not a walk in the park


Missing signboards and maps make navigation difficult in Lalbagh 

Bengaluru: The Lalbagh Botanical Gardens lack basic infrastructural facilities like signboards, location maps, rescue helpline number boards, and drinking water facilities. Visitors find it difficult to locate themselves inside the Gardens as there are no location maps or signboards.

Mounesh, a tourist at Lalbagh said, “There was a signboard of the toilet at the gate but inside the Gardens I could not find any.” Mounesh is a student and a first time visitor.

Lubna, a visitor also feels that there should be location maps inside the Gardens for people to know their current location and their way forward.

Surya (name changed), a new visitor to the Lalbagh says, “I could not find any signboards that lead to restrooms. I had to ask a few people around and then used the restrooms.”

“We are planning to install the signboards that lead to the toilets. However, there are restrooms at every gate, and signboards are also installed at the entrance along with the directions,” said an official from the Department of Horticulture.

Signboards for toilets and location maps are only at the gates.

“There should be location maps inside the Gardens and not just at the gates. Small location maps or direction boards inside the Gardens would help people like me to know the exact location,” said Ashok, another tourist at the Lalbagh.

“I did not know the exact location when I was inside Lalbagh. I was searching from the location map picture that I clicked on my phone. However, I was still confused regarding the directions,” added Ashok.

“These signboards, direction boards, and location maps can be installed in the Lalbagh for visitors’ convenience. But there were a few complaints that we received previously regarding the number of boards being installed alongside the pathway. However, such basic infrastructure should be available in public spaces,” said the official.

The official also added, “We are still working on this plan and may have discussions after the Flower Show on the occasion of Republic Day.” However, the official did not mention any date for installing these boards.

“I could not find any vendor selling water bottles inside the Gardens and there were no glasses available at the water filters. This is also one of the problems I faced at the Lalbagh,” says Ashok.

Muniranthappa selling biscuits and cakes that are plastic wrapped.

Munirathnappa, a vendor in the Lalbagh Gardens says, “Plastic is not allowed inside the Garden. So, we do not sell water bottles.”

Infrastructural problems at Lalbagh

The officials said, “The glasses placed on the UV water filters are being stolen. So, we need to arrange it again and it is quite a repetitive theft that happens at the Lalbagh.” However, we allow plastic like Tupperware bottles into the premises.

Anusha, Assistant professor at SJB School of Architecture says, “There should be good legibility and imagability. This helps people to remember the places. Signages provide more legibility to a place.”

“Officials should come up with solutions for such problems. There should be directions on the pathway that lead to different places inside the Gardens. Signages and direction boards should also be installed.”

“However, such things can be done with the help of a designer or the officials can plan it accordingly,” says Anusha.


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  1. I studied my engineering in Bangalore during 1986-90, that time lalbhagh is very well maintained and heaven to old aged people to get peace of mind and for youngster’s a happy place to chit chat. Wonderful rose garden. During flower show days, we really have to cherish the beauty.
    Officials should take immediate actions to facilitate basic infrastructure.

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