no covid guidelines for city's gateways

Laxity in following Covid-norms amidst new threats

Not enough tests are conducted in the city’s railway stations and bus stations. Passengers expressed fear about less government control. Covid norms implementation in railway stations and bus stations lacks vigilance, even after cluster cases are arising one after the other in the state. Anandan S., deputy station manager, Krantivira Sangoli Rayana railway stations (KSR), […]

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Prepaid auto drivers at Cuttack station lose money

Income of prepaid service auto drivers at Cuttack Railway Station has been affected as most trains are cancelled due to the pandemic. Cuttack: Auto drivers of Cuttack railway station’s prepaid service are facing financial losses. Their income has been affected as most passenger trains have been cancelled due to the pandemic. . Sangram Singh, a […]

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Baiyappanahalli coaching terminal: A series of unmatched deadlines

The deadline for construction of Baiyappanahalli Coaching Terminal has been bypassed, yet again – for third time since 2017. By Jagriti Parakh The construction of Bengaluru’s third coaching terminal at Baiyappanahalli is further delayed. The full-fledged terminal is now expected to begin operations by March 2020, the fourth deadline announced by South Western Railway (SWR) […]

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