Kengeri rail users prefer the tracks


Passengers find it easier to use tracks rather than the foot over bridge at Kengeri Railway Station.

Passengers find it difficult to use the Foot over Bridge (FOB) to move from one platform to another with luggage. At Kengeri Railway Station, they get down on to the tracks to interchange platforms in spite of a FOB available in the station. “I find using tracks easier than using the bridge,” says a passenger who frequently travels by one of the trains from Kengeri.  Harikumar, railway employee said, “crossing track is a shortcut though there is a FOB.” He added that the penalty was about Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 for using tracks.

“There is always a FOB in every railway station. Also, there will be a trolley passage at the end of the platform to load and unload packages. But these are misused by the passengers,” said Srinivas, a retired civil engineer. Section 303  of the Indian Railway Board says “At stations where no over bridges or subways are provided, passengers must use ends of the platform for moving from one platform to another.” “We make announcements but people still cross (through tracks). They are not aware,” says Prasanna station master at Kengeri railway station. He said no accidents have been recorded at the station while changing platforms through tracks. A total of 59 trains pass through Kengeri railway station, out of which 36 trains are daily trains and 13 trains run on a weekly basis. Ten Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) trains stop at this station daily. Trains to Tirupathi, Shiridi, Mysuru, Kacheguda, Ramnagaram, Varanasi, Solapur, and Chennai stop at Kengeri railway station.

“Railway stations are classified according to footfall. Footfall at Kengeri railway station is not as mentioned (in the railway rules). There is no provision to provide escalator or lift in the railway station,” says Publicity Inspector. However, railways campaign and caution passengers about trespassing and using track. Also, the official said that the passengers would be fined or imprisoned for crossing tracks.

“Railway Police are empowered to fine those who use trolley passage or tracks and only railway police are allowed to use these passages,” said Srinivas.“Passengers crossing through station lines are a problem all over the country and not just at Kengeri Railway Station. People have to take care of themselves and there is no alternative way.” However, he added that there can be subway passages constructed in the railway stations which would be a burden to railways.


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  2. very Informative and intimative notice , one can know about the situation at Kengeri which is a harmful daily habitual they have. So, i hope this information helps to solve this problem and prevent any accidents and to follow rules.
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