UVCE staff protest no March salary

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Autonomy from BU has left the UVCE with fewer funds to pay staff.

The teaching and non- teaching staff of University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE) are protesting against the non-payment of salary for March.

A professor at UVCE said, “Everything is uncertain right now. From March, we are working under the UVCE as per the records. But we  don’t have our r own system under which they can provide us with salary. This affects the working of the university.”

Under the autonomous policy, every university functions on their own. The degrees are given by the universities themselves. However, professors from UVCE said, “We want to work under the Bangalore University (BU).

UVCE was granted autonomous status in 2022.  An article mentioned that the state government, after declaring UVCE as autonomous has removed BU from the administrative control of UVCE.

Professor H.N. Ramesh at UVCE said that the Department of Education wants to separate UVCE from BU. He said that if the separation happens, the UVCE would have no funds and the administration of the university will collapse “The protest is going on in the BU,Janabharati campus. I can not say much about this. The education ministry is trying to detach the UVCE from BU and if that happens UVCE will have no funds and the university will collapse, “he said.

He further said,In past six months the Board of Governors has done nothing to improve the administration of the university. We are happy working with the Bangalore University. The government will not pay for the UVCE College and why would alumina pay Rs 500 crore for the university?”

Fewer funds are allocated in the budget so t .it will be difficult to give salary to the teachers. The institution does not know how to manage the administration independentlybecause for the past 105 years we have been working under BU.. The autonomous policy by the Education Department is going to put the old university in trouble,” said H.N. Ramesh

Sheela Adaveeshaih, an education lawyer said that when colleges are under the government they follow uniform standards, more transparency in the functioning of the administration, and it is easier to hold government universities accountable than universities and colleges which are autonomous.