Three mediums for the new State Curriculum

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State government will merge the NCERT and the State syllabus into one text book.

The Karnataka government has chosen Urdu, Kannada and English as the three mediums for the new textbooks under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2022.

Sri Prasanna Kumar M., Director of Public Instruction, Primary Education, said, , “The new book will be in Kannada, Urdu and English. There will be no separate books for the two syllabuses. Our teachers need training because National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) syllabus is a new concept for them.”

He said that the training program will start soon and the teachers will be trained about the NCERT syllabus.

 This comes after the  Department of School Education and Literacy, following instructions under NEP, announced a curriculum to merge the NCERT and the State syllabus in a 70:30 ratio. The NEP 2022 policy is said to be implemented from the academic year of 2023-24.

Kumar said, “We have merged the NCERT and state syllabus to improve the standard of education in primary and secondary schools. We will have a single book for students. Both NCERT and the state syllabus will be merged.”

Shailaja, a government school teacher said that students or teachers should not find any difficulty in adopting this new curriculum. She said, “This training program will not be a burden for us. The new curriculum will be introduced at a basic level from primary schools and so the students will not find it difficult to learn.”

B N Mala Rani, Headmaster of a government school near Hudson Circle, said, “We are not aware of this new syllabus. We have various online training programs going on. These online training programs are conducted under the NEP 2022.”

Mythili, a literature professor, highlighted the positives of having a single book in the regional language. She said, “Having textbooks in regional language helps the primary school students in coping better with their syllabus. The new curriculum for the students will be difficult but the regional language will help them to understand better. Due to the better syllabus, their standard of education will ultimately improve.”