High IPL Ticket Prices in Bangalore Disappoint Fans

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Ticket prices have been surged for both practice and league matches, once the T20 league returns back to Bangalore after three years.

Huge rush has been recorded despite increase in ticket prices for both practice matches and league matches of the Indian Premier League (IPL) scheduled at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.

In 2019, spectators were able to watch practice matches at the Chinnaswamy Stadium without purchasing any tickets. But now, they have to buy a ticket that costs Rs. 999. Also, basic ticket price for a league match has been surged to Rs.2400 from Rs.700. These prices apply to both box office purchases and online ticket sales.

Joel, a representative at the National Cricket Academy in Chinnaswamy Stadium, said that despite the high prices of IPL match tickets, people are still showing a strong interest in purchasing the tickets.

He added that, the tickets for practice matches are being sold out quickly and there has been a consistent flow of people buying league match tickets daily.

  • Huge rush has been recorded despite increase in IPL ticket prices.
  • Fans are disappointed with the hike in the IPL ticket prices at Chinnaswamy Stadium.

On the other hand spectators expressed their concern for the hike in ticket prices.

Bharat Jain, who wanted to purchase tickets for the ongoing practice match, said that he is concerned about the high ticket price and its impact on the accessibility of live cricket games in the city.

He added, “Because of the high price I was unable to buy tickets, I have witnessed a two kilometre long queue.”

Suresh K, a member of the cricket association club in Chinnaswamy Stadium said that there has been a significant increase in ticket prices for members compared to the general public. In the past, members paid a lower rate than others, but this year they are asked to pay 80 to 90 percent more than the regular price.

In 2019, basic ticket price for the members was Rs.450 for league match and Rs.100 for practice match. But now, they are required to pay Rs.700 for practice match and for league match it is Rs.900 for standing tickets and Rs.2300 for seated tickets.

An Assistant Manager of the tournament said, the ticket prices for both practice and league matches are higher than usual due to the high demand, since the tournament is returning to Bangalore after a three-year gap. The decision on the ticket prices is taken by DNA events, the official ticketing partner for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB).

Tejpal Kothari, coach at Karnataka State Cricket Association, said, “Previously for practice matches there were no tickets. Anyone can see a practice match for free. But now they are charging for it as well. Also, price of a league match ticket was Rs. 700 earlier but now an individual has to spend around Rs. 2000, which does not make any sense.”

“This is clearly a money making process for authorities. IPL is coming back to Bangalore after almost three years and this is a technique of the association to recover their losses,” he added.