Flower prices remain high for the second consecutive day

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The flower vendors of KR market are selling flowers at  double the price to avoid losses, while wilted flowers outside the market sold at half the price.

Flower prices continue to remain high as the market has received fewer flowers today compared to Wednesday due to Ugadi celebrations. Prices of flowers always tend to spike during festival seasons due to their steady demand. Flower vendors in the city said that festivals are the prime sources of their income.S. Sadiq owner of HTM Flower Stall at KR market said, “Festival and wedding seasons are the main time to make profit out of their flower business, otherwise there are always ups and downs in the business due to its demand in the market and customers.” He added that the flower prices had spiked due to less supply. The fear of loss in business and demand for flowers for Eid are also the contributing factors.

  • Flower hawkers find it difficult to earn profits after Ugadi celebration.
  • K.R. Market is a mess after the Ugadi celebration.
  • The vendors are forced to sell the flowers at a lower rate.
  • India's total export of floriculture was Rs. 771.41 Crores/103.47 USD Millions in 2021-22, Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) reported.
  • Floriculture is now commercially cultivated in several states with highest area in states such as Kerala (16.5%), Tamil Nadu (13.3%), Karnataka (11.4%), Madhya Pradesh (11.1%) and Uttar Pradesh (7%), Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) reported.
  • Flowers sold at a high price for second consecutive day.

The flower vendors in the KR market have doubled the prices of flowers.  On Thursday,flowers like Jasmine  weresoldat Rs –900 to 1000 per kilogram compared to Wednesday when they were available at Rs 400-600 per kilogram. Further roses, cost around Rs 200 per kilogram compared to Rs 160 per kilogram earlier.

However, the flower hawkers who buy flowers in bulk from these vendors and sell it outside the KR market have a different story to tell.

Padma and Rathna Amma, who sell flowers in bulk outside the market said that they were unable to sell most flowers that they bought Wednesday. On Thursday they were not able to buy fresh flowers and had to sell withered flowers at a lower price.

They added that they are trying to sell whatever they have as they do not have any facilities to keep the flowers fresh, without which their available stock will go waste and they will incur a loss.

Shaq, who sells garlands near the KR market said that he sold the garlands at Rs. 2000 to earn some profit but few of those garlands remained unsold, and now he is selling them at a loss of Rs 1000.

Saianad, a business analyst said. “Flower industry is an unorganised sector. This is bound to happen.” He further added that southern states produce surplus of flowers as compared to northern regions of India.