Unattended broken jogging track

Bangalore City

Residents complain of the broken jogging track beside the Agara Laka in HSR Layout, as it is a recurring situation, but in vain.

 Batchu Rushali

The jogging track beside the Agara Lake collapsed last week after heavy rainfall creating a menace for the regular joggers.

 Junaid, a regular jogger said, “Last Saturday, the track was completely fine but todaythe entire track is broken and it is restricted with a ‘no entry tape’. It seems that every time there is heavy rainfall, the track either gets broken or gets affected in other ways.”

Suresh B Bhadraiah, Secretary of Agara Lake Protection and Management Society (ALPMS) said, “The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) have built an 1800 mm sewage line which is 20 feet below the jogging track. Every time the city experiences a heavy rainfall, part of the jogging track always collapses.”

Mr. Bhadraiah added, “Every time the track breaks down, that sewage line gets exposed, which leads to breeding of mosquitoes.”

Another resident of Bangalore, Amit, who has just started visiting the place, also complained about the scourge of mosquitoes.

  “Since the past one -two years, it is the third or fourth time that the track is in a bad condition.. It is necessary to build the track properly and fill it with mud to avoid future mishaps. . The BWSSB officials said they will repair the track but  the repair work has been delayed and restricted with a tape.” added Bhadraiah.

A BWSSB official said, “After building the pipeline, it is the first time that the track has been broken and they are working on reparing   the track.

Effective solutions and stringent measures need to be taken before it affects people on a large scale. The residents complained that , it is not the first time that the track is broken.

Dr. V. Ramesh, a civil engineer said, “It is necessary that the piping must be done properly because improper piping will create voids in the same place repeatedly. If the place is not consolidated properly, this situation will happen again.”

 He added “The problem can be resolved if the mud platform is settled properly with a stone layer on both sides to protect the slope. The problem lies in the stabilization of the jogging track.”