Tech-inspiring Tech Summit 2019

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Bengaluru: The Bengaluru Tech Summit gave a hint of a smart future for the country, Startups came with unique innovations

By Shivani Verma

One of the conferences held today was about Digital Technologies to Transform Commercial Aerospace, the Netherlands whose moderator was Mr. Gert Heijkoop, Netherlands Consulate General in Bangalore. Speakers were H.E. Marten Van Den Berg, Ambassador Of The Netherlands In India, Dr. S V Sharma, Indian Space Research Organization Satellite Centre, Ms. Akanksha Sharma, Holland Innovation Network, Consulate General of The Netherlands, Mr. Maneesh Kumar Verma, Hyperion Technologies and three others.

Mr. Mario Coppola Introduced Delftacopter, Nederdrone, Pocket drones and Delfly (fly indoors, in warehouses). Pocket drones are very small and are of 50 grams. Delfly was designed 15 years ago and Delfly Nimble is the latest design. It is of 25 grams.

“With designs like these we actually feel safe, you can just catch it in your hand if something goes wrong and look at it, that’s perfectly fine because at the same time you can set a small camera on it and fly it through small hoops,” said Mr. Mario Coppola, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology.

Flapper Drones are the Flapping-wing drones designed specifically for drone shows and entertainment.

Delfly Nimble is the newest and most agile design which can hover or fly in any direction (up, down, forward, backward or sideways) by Delft University of Technology. The DelFly Nimble has no tail nor any control surfaces. It is controlled through insect-inspired adjustments of motion of its two pairs of flapping wings. The lack of the tail makes the DelFly Nimble less vulnerable to damage and highly agile, allowing also outdoors operation in light winds.

Other than these, the Hexacopter drones which are developed by Indian institute of Drones and Multiplex Drone Pvt. Ltd., is a technological bone for the field of Indian agriculture. This drone contains Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries. The noticeable feature is, it has the capacity of auto-landing if the battery goes fully discharged.

Huge participation was seen today at the Bangalore Palace, which was felicitated by various companies and delegates from different parts of India. The conferences were headed by speakers from all over the world. Conferences on topics like Artificial Intelligence, Smart Innovations in Diagnostics, Billion financial transactions a month, etc were conducted.