Youth and Drug Abuse

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Despite of the Narcotics Control Bureau’s (NCB) scrupulous eye on drugs of abuse, it is easily available on the market.

Bangalore, Nov. 19, 2018: “On Wednesday NCB caught 222 kilograms of marijuana, and three people from Andhra Pradesh were caught in this crime. Further investigation is going on, one of the official from NCB said.

“Its cost is increasing – last month I brought the stuff (code for marijuana) for low price,” two college students said to The Softcopy newspaper.

It was found that the age group between 16 and 25 is more prone  to become victims under drug consumption.

Upsurge in cases related to victims who were caught for drug consumption, distribution, production, and sale. Spike in cases reported under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, 1985 in Bangalore, Karnataka, as per the report stated by State Crime records Bureau (SCRB) of Karnataka.

“Here we get all the cases registered in police stations in Karnataka. After processing a correct format we publish statistics. I found that the cases registered or disposed under NDPS Act, people between age group 16 to 25 are also involved in conflict against Law. Compared with last year, it is increasing this year as of statistics available till September that we are working on,”  Nandakumar, official at SCRB shared his experience.

When asked,  one of the victim’s sister, Sushmitha, at a de-addiction center said that, “Initially he was good at all his activities, I don’t know that he got addicted to stuff (marijuana) and joints (cannabis).Later, I found abnormalities in his behavior when he was in third year engineering (victims age is 21) and admitted in de-addiction centre. After that he was good for few months, but now he started smoking cigarettes at home. I don’t understand from where he gets all these banned stuff. He never went to another place, we stay in Bengaluru proper.”

Considering the drug addiction of age group between 16 to 25, Narmada Jain,

Assistant Psychology Teacher at the Livingstone Higher Secondary School said that, “ I feel the psychological reason behind taking drugs can be the mental state of the people belonging to that age group. Sometimes due to the peer pressure, family environment, people do consume it. In order to get rid of the stress.

“Post conditions of the victim turns to be aggressive, low self estimation, identity crisis, and poor memory”, She added.

“It completely depends on individual to individual. Also the kind of support one kind from family plays a major role. Like I said, any form of disability or disorder is not just about the sufferings of the client but also the family” said Narmada.

“Victims should be carefully examined. Proper counseling and intake of medicines (if required) based on the patient condition should be regulated with care, or else it creates havoc to the individual and their family,” said DR Manmohan Raju, Psychiatrist.