Impress the Bots, Then the Boss

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More than 100 companies in Bengaluru have shifted to bots to hire employees, saving half of their time

Bengaluru, Oct. 9, 2018.

The IT hub of India has moved forward in recruiting employees. Instead of the old ways of recruitment, more than 100 companies in the city are depending upon Artificial Intelligence and Psychometric Assessments to make the ‘Human Resource’ (HR) job easier in hiring the right candidate for the job. This saves around 20 percent of manpower which is used for selecting a candidate for the company.

CIER HR, a Bengaluru-based recruitment firm, has a bot called Tony, Google has Google hire, WIPRO, INFOSYS, and a lot of other companies have different artificial intelligence. Some work with the Psychometric assessments and some through artificial Intelligence. According to CIER’s statistics, 40 percent of the employees have been selected through artificial intelligence in the last six months.

Atif Haider, founder and CEO of AirCTO, a human and AI powered hiring platform, said, “Nowadays, recruitment is more supply driven than demand driven. The candidates try to mold themselves to the kind of job they want.” AirCTO is a product by LaunchYard, a software development company.

The Artificial Intelligence analyzes the data given by the candidates about themselves. It shortlists the candidates according to their behavioral traits and personality, asks them certain questions via WhatsApp, Skype, or messenger and according to their answers, it asks more questions. Atif said, “It makes the HR’s work easier.” It is a higher level of intelligence to find out the right fit for the company.

“We have a lot of work to do other than interviewing people. We have to focus on employee management, and other administrative duties. This bot does half of the work like background checking of the candidate, his/her digital footprints, and according to that his/her personality. The bot selects the candidate and then we have to contact them”, said Aditya Narayan Mishra, Human Resource Manager at CIEL.

The psychometric test, which is an assessment of personality and behavior of a person, is used in a lot of fields other than recruitment.

“With a certain programming, we look at certain responses based on the questions, and depending upon that, other questions are automatically formed. We send these questions to the companies and they assess the candidates” said Diksha, Senior Psychologist at Central Test, a psychometric testing and online assessment firm.

Since the IT and banking companies are in large volume in the city, they are more likely to adopt this method earlier than others. However, a human resource firm based in Mumbai has a different opinion about this technology growth.

“The most important things in recruitment, database, screening, short listing and interviewing, and selection. Only a part of the process of recruitment is covered through artificial intelligence, that is, screening and database. Post screening, everything has to be manual, ultimate evaluations of answers and people are done by human beings. The technology can’t understand how the human mind functions” Said Yuvaraj Pawar, owner of Integrity Consultants in Mumbai.

According to Deepak Bhattacharya, CEO of Career Training Academy, a Mumbai-based firm, “When a candidate applies for a job, the resume of that candidate is very important. Artificial intelligence picks up job description mentioned in the resume, based on the keywords on the resume, the company of the candidate is found and they are contacted according to that.”

A professor from Indian Institute of Technology said that “Specifically in recruitment, it is a very helpful tool. Technology can go wrong at times and that is where human beings step in”. He added, “artificial intelligence can be used to a certain extent which will eliminate the flaws of human bias.”