Cycle Sharing Ensures Last-Mile-Connectivity

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Public Bicycle Sharing ‘Namma Trin Trin’ soon going to be launched in the city.

Bengaluru, Oct. 11, 2018 : M. Aneash, a Whitefield resident takes a bicycle to work every day for five rupees an hour. It not only saves him money, but also his time in the busy city, and has somewhat contributed towards a better environment.

In mid-October, the city of Bengaluru is going to have a Public Bicycle Sharing system, as confirmed by an official at the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) which was announced in the state budget 2017-2018. They will be introducing approximately 4000 bicycles in the city.

DULT plans to build cycle tracks at various places in Bengaluru, currently there is a only a single track built of two kilometres in Cubbon Park. The Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS), “Namma Trin Trin” has been given allowance by the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Lmt.      (BMRCL) for free parking at its metro stations.

Meanwhile, several start-ups, like Yulu and Pedal, came up with the initiative of introducing last mile connectivity at various places, including at a few metro stations by launching environmental-friendly bicycles.

“We believe people are wasting an enormous time on the road and they are exposed to heavy air pollution impacting their health and their overall well being. Our aim is to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in the big cities of India”, said Amit Gupta, the CEO of Yulu.

R.K. Misra, the president of ecosystem partnerships at the company added that every cycle on the road is one car less in traffic. A typical ride of 15 minutes helps save 200 g carbon emissions and help burn 60-70 calories of fat. People who value their time and the environment are preferring bicycle over any other vehicles for their short commute.

Meghna Datta, a mother of two children from Jayanagar said, “The initiative is not only good for the environment, but also for the safety of people, especially kids who travel with bicycles, sometimes on the main roads to their place of study”.

Nandikesh Sivalingan, manager of climate energy at Green Peace Organization in Bengaluru commented that the introduction of bicycles in the city is a good idea regarding the pollution control.

Compared to other cities in the country, Bangalore still has a cycling community. However the initiative should be expanded to more places in the world like Amsterdam. There should be separate lanes for bicycles in order to ensure the safety of all the commuters.

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