More goods vehicles carrying passengers

City Transport

Cases of excess passengers in goods vehicles have doubled this year, and police fined the passengers Rs. 200.

Bengaluru traffic police data shows that cases of carrying excess passengers in goods vehicleshave increased. In 2021, 20,794 cases were booked but in 2022, till October 49,834 cases have been booked.

Chandan KB, a quality engineer at a construction site in Devagere said, “To save the cost of transportation, construction workers prefer to use goods vehicles over passenger buses.”

In an article, in 2019 Karnataka High Court showed concern over labourers being transported in goods vehicles. The bench said, “Even sheep and goats are treated better. If any accident happens, these labourers will not get any compensation or employment on compassionate grounds. This is a serious human rights issue.”

Employers do not provide the laboures with any mode of transportation.

Saraj Mallik, a construction worker said, “I have never travelled in a goods vehicle but I have seen many people travel in it. Employers do not provide any transposition for us; we manage on our own.”

Somsekhar A, Head Constable of Upparpet traffic police station said, “Whenever we catch goods vehicle carrying passengers, we spot fine every passenger Rs. 200. If they are not able to pay the fine then we issue a notice and send them to court.”

He added, “Majestic bus stand is very close to our station, so we frequently catch these kinds of vehicles.”

Prof. M. N Sreehari, an expert who has supervised over 2,000 projects related to Traffic Transportation and Safety said, “Regional Transport Office (RTO) should be held responsible. Police should seize the vehicle and RTO should suspend the driver and the vehicle license. Imposing a fine of Rs. 200 is not enough to stop this kind of illegal activity.”