Hefty fine forces denizens to follow traffic signals


There has been a dip in traffic defaulter cases following the imposition of a heavy fine.

Bangalore, April 12, 2018:  The Bangalore Traffic Police reports a fall in the number of cases of signal jumping following the increase in fine. The statistics of the Bangalore Traffic Police show that in the year 2016 722738 signal jumping cases were registered   as opposed to 713454 in 2017

Increasing the fine to Rs.2, 500 and the fear of losing their driving license has helped the traffic police to keep a check on the number of defaulters in city with an ever increasing population.

R. Hitendra, Additional Commissioner of Traffic Police said that there have been several cases where people have failed to follow the traffic rules but the imposition of a fine has helped keep the situation under control.

The Motor Vehicle Act states that a fine of Rs. 2,500 will be imposed on a driver if he violates a traffic rule.

In case you do not have the required at the time of offence, the defaulter can pay the money later at the Bangalore One centres located across the city or through their official website.

In areas like the Electronic City, Koramangla among other places in the city, in the absence of a traffic cop, people jump the signal which results in accidents. Ravi, a traffic police who frequently patrols the streets, said, “By the time we try to catch these violators they escape and it becomes difficult to trace them. In a congested city like Bangalore, it becomes difficult to catch those people. Those of whom I have caught, I make sure they pay the fine.”

Sayan Ghosh, a person who had to pay a fine after jumping the signal, said, “I had once missed the signal in Electronic City. When I crossed the signal it became red. The police cop called me to park near the side walk and I had to pay Rs 2,500.  It was not my fault. ”

Allen Jacob, another person who violated the traffic rule said, “I was in a hurry I did not notice the traffic police. So, I just jumped the signal and I was caught red handed.”