One-way rules ignored in unmonitored areas


Drivers and motorists break traffic rules and enter one-way roads in areas that are unmonitored to save time, thus causing holdups and jams.

Yamini Chincholi

In residential areas like Brooks Haven, near Subramanya Police station, Bangalore International Public School, Uttarahalli and Indiranagar, there is no monitoring of traffic violation for one-way road, CCTV cameras or any supervision. Whereas, the busy and bustling areas like Jayanagar, have heavy monitoring of traffic violation on one-way road.  

Commuters enter the one-way road at Brooks Haven instead of the two-way road to save time and distance. This obstructs the vehicles that follow the correct lane. Auto drivers dismiss the one-way sign even when reminded.

The cross roads near Bangalore International Public School are one-way roads but are not monitored by CCTV cameras or traffic police. The junction is known for traffic holdups as well. Other areas like Indiranagar one-way also faces everyday holdups because of lack of monitoring.

Residents near Indiranagar have said the lack of monitoring causes noise pollution in quiet residential areas. “The one-way here (Indiranagar) is always crowded. There is no traffic police to  monitor except when they need to collect money. I have broken traffic rules to save time myself, it’s just easy,” Ashish Kumar, a resident said.

A K.R. Puram traffic police station official said they will fine Rs. 200 for one-way related violations. “Any resident of gated communities cannot put up one-way signs of their own accord no matter what daily inconveniences they’re facing. It is punishable by law. Such matters should be brought to the notice of the traffic control room immediately” she said.