Comic Con boosts graphic novel sales in city


Youngsters prefer reading graphic novels over comic books, say book store managers across the city.

Bangalore, April 12, 2018: Comic Con, the celebrated pop-culture festival for comic fanatics in the city has been boosting graphic novel sales, says bookstore managers across Bangalore. “The sales of graphic novels have gone up by 30-40 percent; readers prefer reading graphic novels over comic books” says store manager, Pritam Gowda of Bookworm.

Comic Con, a pop-culture annual event sees the participation of comic fanatics across the country. This annual two-day event is a place for authors to showcase their work of art and introduce graphic novels created by them.

Pritam Gowda, store manager at bookworm explained, “People opt to buy more graphic novels in comparison to comic books. We have seen an increase of 30-40 percent in the sales of graphic novels. The increase in sales is mainly due to Comic Con that’s held in Bangalore. People become aware of the variety of graphic novels that are there and our sales post that is very good.”

Graphic novels are more comprehensive and in depth, they are more elaborate in nature, whereas, comics are short stories that last only for a few pages. Novels which are turned into graphic novels are gaining popularity among youths.

Mukunda, an executive at the billing counter of Blossom Book House explains, “We participate in the comic art festival and see a good increase in our graphic novel sales after the fest. We have younger people opting for graphic novels and not for comic books. The older people opt for comic books even now but the younger ones outnumber the older people.”

He added, “The illustrations in graphic novels are better and the printing costs are higher for graphic novels mostly because of their more concentrated work on art work. Jermy John, a painter and an avid reader, said, “Reading graphic novels is becoming a trend now. Comic books have to be pumped out faster and hence the art and the framing of their characters is less stressed upon. Readers always visualize whatever they read and with more visual representation in graphic novels, this becomes easier. Comic books focus on text and graphic novels focus on depicting longer stories through images and animations, this is where comic books lose out.”

On an average a comic book costs around Rupees 200 while graphic novels cost around Rupees 600.

Victor, a salesman at Ganagrams book bureau, stated, “The paper qualities of graphic novels are better, they are usually glossy paper and there are hardly any comic books that are printed on glossy paper. The animation becomes more colourful and attractive hence making it interesting to read, that is the main reason behind the price difference.. However, if people have the resources they do not mind spending extra to read graphic novels.”

Kaveri Gopalkrishnan, a graphic novelist, explained, “There’s a lot of research and references that happen to put the story together. All this helps me to stay true to the topic that I am working on.”

She added, “I do not know how much of a social change my graphic novels bring but even if it’s personally shared and it opens up a discussion, the novel will serve as a very good medium.”