Government unable to provide relief money to acid attack victims


City based organisation demands for equal relief funds for both male and female acid attack victims

Bangalore, March 15, 2018: The Central government has failed to provide compensations amounting to Rs 3,00,000 which was alloted for acid attack victims. This comes after the Ministry of Home Affairs on 14th October 2015 issued a circular that specifies guidelines pertaining to Central Victim Compensation Fund Scheme (CVCF).

Gulnas Khan, an acid attack victim from Uttarakhand says, “I have received only Rs 1,60,000 of the stipulated 3,00,000 and that too after lodging several complaints at the police station. I have spent more than Rs 22 lakh on face and neck surgeries”.

Acid attack victims from different states gathered at an event organised by The Silver Surfers Club where they shared their stories and expressed their disappointment towards the government for not providing them with the funds for surgeries.

“I am left with only 5 per cent vision after the incident as the attack had affected my eyes and the compensation I got from the government was only Rs. 3 lakhs. According to the law, victims with major injuries affecting their  eyes are supposed to get compensations of  Rs 5 lakh but I did not receive it” said Reshma who became visually impaired after the incident.

The victims also said that a single surgery costs more than what the government has provided as relief after years of complaining.

Shabnam Khatun, an MBA student from Chennai said that she received the government’s compensation a year after the incident by when she had already borrowed money for six surgeries. Each of these surgeries cost more than Rs 3 lakh, she added.

Male acid victims receive a very less amount of compensation, complained the victims.

Chandrahass Mishra, an acid attack victim from Acid Survivors and Women Welfare Foundation said, “”I had received Rs one lakh as compensation from the government while I have spent Rs 25 lakhs on multiple surgeries on my face. There is no equality on the compensation given to male and female victims”

said The foundation helping the victims had filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL)with the Supreme Court in 2013 demanding for an increase in the amount of compensation and for parity in the relief provided to both male and female victims.