Better than BJP in law and order says State Home Minister


Ramalinga Reddy says Karnataka crime rate of 5 per cent is better than BJP ruled states.

Bangalore, March 15, 2018: With fingers being pointed at the law and order situation in the city due to the stabbing of the Lokayukta and Mohammad Haris’ assault on a businessman, home minister Ramalinga Reddy says the crime rate in the state is a mere five per cent.

Reddy said, “We are better than BJP in law and order maintenance. as per the National Crime Record Bureau, Karnataka stands on the 11th position with 5 per cent crime rate which is far better than BJP ruled states like UP and MP.”

The report released by Reddy at a press conference at Vidhan Soudha here, includes crimes like murder, robbery, house thefts, chain snatching, from May 2013 to February 2018.

However, BJP leader, Prakash K, asked, “Was it during the time of BJP that Lokayukta was stabbed, was it during BJP organised crimes took place?”

On speaking about the dip in crime rates, he added, “To cover their inefficiency Congress is trying to show data. Everybody knows how during their time the law and order is being maintained, numbers won’t help.”

Ramalinga Reddy stressed on the efficiency of police in the city. He said that the murder cases have dropped from 1160 to 998 in the stipulated time period and this is all due to increased patrolling.

Senior officers also remain on their toes all day. Police patrolling vehicles units like Hoysala, cheetah, pink hoysala patrol 24 hrs.

Reddy also took a dig at Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and called him an unstarred question after the losses faced in Gorakhpur and Phulpur by the BJP-led UP government.

“Yogi was a star campaigner but now Yogi is that unstarred question which is one of the two questions in a parliamentary session.”