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Kala Sourabha Foundation introduced Indian Premier League (IPL) format as the theme for their cultural competitions.

For the first time, Kala Sourabha Foundation is presenting the concept of Kala Sourabha Drona Arjuna League (KSDL) in the structure of IPL- cricket on 17 December, 2023 at R Gundurao Sports Club, Malleshwaram from 10 a.m-6 p.m.

Addressing the press meet, B V Dattatri, Chairman of Kala Sourabha Foundation, said that just like an IPL match, the music league matches will be between eight teams aligned in two groups.

“This year’s music league matches will be conducted for three days at two venues. Winners of the league matches move up to semi finals and finals respectively,” Dattatri added.

Ramesh Kumar, team building owner of Kala Sourabha Foundation said, “The competition is open to all. We encourage all people, be it a youngsteror an elder.” He added that it is a team building exercise and that there are plenty of opportunities.

Ajith Kumar, another team building member of Kala Sourabha Foundation said that talent is everywhere, but there are less platforms to showcase it. .. “Our main focus is on upbringing talented singers and set a platform for Carnatic music,” he added.

Dr. Prabhu Roy, a professor from Bangalore University said, “Through these competitions people will get to know about classical music and the instruments.” He also said that more people will be attracted by the changed themes of the competitions.