Transgender Awareness Week

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Transgender awareness week is observed from November 13 to November 19 every year, to celebrate and spread awareness about the existence and the validity of transgender identity.

Saradhi Sankar

Top 10 countries with highest Transgender population in the world

In 2023, a global study with thirty countries’ participants revealed that three percent of them identified as transgender, non-binary/non-conforming/gender-fluid. Six percent of the respondents in Switzerland said they identified as one of the listed gender

Arya S Biju

Global Acceptance Index

The Global Acceptance Index (GAI), provides each nation with a score of 0 to 10 to indicate their level of acceptance towards LGBT community. . Acceptance as measured in the GAI, is a country’s average societal attitude toward LGBTI people that is expressed in public attitudes and beliefs about LGBTI people and rights.

Avantika Khajuria

Transgender Rights in Different Countries

Vishisht Dwivedi

State-wise population of people who chose ‘other’ option in gender box as per Census 2011

Akankhya Rout

Variegation of Transgender Persons

A report based on Karnataka, kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, transgender responses what they identified them as. This report publication is taken from the centre for law and policy research (CLPR, Bangalore, 2019)

Anupama VM

Transgender Literacy Rate

Transgender literacy rate according to the 2011 census data. Mizoram have the highest literacy rate and Bihar, the least.

Lovely Tyagi

Suicides rate in transgender persons

Social stigma, health concerns and family problems have come up as the leading problem when it comes to suicide rates in transgender people. Around 60 percent doctors in three metropolitan cities were inadequately trained to deal with mental health issues in transgender patients, a study by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) showed.

Nikita Joshi

Percentage of acceptance of trans gender people in US

Young adults are more likely to say that society has not gone far enough in accepting transgender people in the United States (US). Source : pew research centre

Prajwal Jayaraj

Transgender representation on US television (2022-23)

The following chart depicts the representation of transgender and non-binary characters depicted on US Prime Time television from 2022-23. There was a 25 percent decrease from the figures published in the 2022-23 session as the numbers dropped from 42 characters to 32 characters. Source: GLAAD

Sumanta Sinha

Registered transgender voters in Karnataka

The graph shows the number of registered transgender voters since 2014 in Karnataka. The large numbers of registered voters are noticed in 2018 assembly polls. Source : The NIE