Data Stories

Number of internet shutdowns in India from 2012 to 2022

By Yogada Sharma

India has seen the highest number of Internet shutdowns for four years till 2022 in the world. Of the 106 shutdowns, 85 were found in Jammu and Kashmir alone.

Countries with highest non-internet users

By Navya Sruthi

India is the country with the highest number of people not using the internet, which is followed by China, according to the data till 2022.

Top 10 Countries with highest internet freedom,2022

By Rakshanda Sharma

India ranked 51st on the Internet freedom index of 2022. Iceland lead the chart with 95 points, followed by Estonia and Costa Rica

Top search engines used by Indians

By Aditi

Source: Statcounter

Google is the most used search engine among Indians. Around 98% of the Indians use Google as their search engine.

Most common languages used on the internet

By Janvi 

English was the most popular language online, representing 25.9 percent of worldwide internet users. Chinese was ranked second with a 19.4 percent share. The Spanish language was the third most used language online. The top ten languages accounted for 76.9 percent of global internet users.

“Rest of languages means the other languages except the one presented in the infographic.”

Number of Internet users worldwide

By Anuja Mistry

Source: Statista 

Over the years the number of internet users has increased. Asia has been in the lead since 2011, in 2022 Asia has reached more than 2.9 billion internet users. It is followed by Europe with more than 750 million internet users.

Top 8 Countries with the Highest Number of Internet Users (2022)

By Shreya Chekkilla

This graph is a comparison of the population and number of internet users of the top eight countries with the highest number of internet users in 2022. China stands at first place, with India and USA at second and third places respectively.

Most followed politicians across social media platforms 

By Sneha SK

Leaders of populous countries have more followers compared to other countries. The most followed politicians are mostly all men. The most followed world leader across all platforms is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Most popular websites worldwide

By M. Surabhi

Google has held the top spot as the most popular website since June 2010 when it overtook Yahoo

The Internet User Gender Parity Score

By Sai Aravindh

In all regions, the gender Internet divide has been narrowing in recent years Thus, the global gender parity score has improved from 0.89 in 2018 to 0.92 in 2020.

Internet penetration rate in India over the years

By Ajay Rag

Internet penetration in India is on a rise over the last decade. The penetration rate surged over 40 percent from 2007.

Most popular tweets on Twitter as of 2023, by number of likes

By Aanchal Kumari

A tweet from Thunberg which was published on December 27th 2022, went viral, which was a response to American- British media personality Andrew Tate who requested her mail address so that he could submit a collection of cars each one’s corresponding emissions.

Top 10 fastest mobile internet in countries in 2022

By Deepali

Qatar rocketed to first place on the Speedtest Global Index ahead of it hosting the 2022 FIFA worldcup with a median download speed of 176.18 Mbps in November 2022 from 98.10 Mbps in November 2022.