People prefer e-books as sales surge

National Technology

E-books are expecting a 4.35 percent annual growth rate in sales.

The revenue from the e-books segment has witnessed a growth of 11.40 percent in India and is expecting revenue of $191 million by 2027 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.35 percent, according to a recent report.

Suma D, a software engineer who has been using Amazon Kindle, an e-book reading device, said that she had been reading e-books because they were convenient. “It is easier to read the highlighted portion and also the built-in dictionary is very useful.” But she also pointed out that her attention span has reduced considerably after she switched to e-books  as she would end up browsing something else.

Whereas, Prathyush, a student who prefers e-books said that he couldcarry them anywhere he wants rather than carrying a lot of books. Moreover, the prices of the e-books are affordable compared to the paperback versions.

However, Vigraanth Babu, programme coordinator and assistant professor of Psychology at Kristu Jayanti College in Bengaluru said that there are studies that reveal that reading printed books instead of e-books is very helpful as it increases the perception capacity and attention span of the brain. “Ability to sustain our attention reduces when reading e-books whereas reading from e-books increases our comprehending capacity,” he said.

According to CNBC Make It, since it has launched, Amazon has sold tens of millions of Kindles, one of the most popular e-book readers.

Jeevan Gowda, Owner of B S Gowda Book House in Bangalore said their business took a hit, especially after the pandemic, as more people preferred e-books over physical books. He added that there are more choices available online whereas, the quantities of books available in the shops are limited. Also, as internet connectivity became cheaper, more people have shifted from physical books to e-books.

He also said “Earlier we used to stand between the publisher and readers. But now e-book platforms have taken our position and we have been downgraded to the bottom”.

Vigraanth Babu further said that considering the eco-friendly nature of e-books, they should be promoted equally with traditional books among readers.