No work done by BBMP on SJP Road

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The sewage overflowing from drains onto the road causes financial losses to businesses on SJP Road

A BBMP official said that work had been completed on Silver Jubliee Park Road (SJP Road), but the road still remains clogged by sewage water. Even after the traders raised multiple complaints, the problem has not been resolved.

The owner of Chandra Hardware Agencies, SJP Road said, “Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB) have made no changes to this road. The sewage problem has existed for more than three years.”

He added, “We have complained to the Minister of Legislative Assembly, Uday Gardudachar, Member of Parliament, Tejasvi Surya, and the Traffic Commissioner. Yet, nobody seems to be bothered about this area’s improvement at all.”

Sudhir S, Public Relations Officer of the water supply board, said they have no updates from the concerned officer, Gangadhar, about the sewage clearance in SJP Road. While the Chief Engineer of Projects, Vinayak Sugur, BBMP said, “All work has been completed on SJP Road.”

The road is filled with vegetable waste, plastic, and sewage water. Several cars are parked on the road and hawkers are found conducting business, although it is not permitted to do so.

Rahul, the secretary of the Karnataka Hardware and Allied Merchants Association said, “BBMP and BWSSB blame each other every time we raise complaints. The pourakarmikas who sometimes clean the area, don’t clean the mud or dirt. They just clean it over the top.” 

He further said, “It is difficult to conduct business here now. Since the market was closed during the pandemic, we already faced losses. Now, the sewage issue causes more problems as our customers cant visit our stores, and the business owners can’t park their cars.”

On Sep 6,2020 BJP MP Tejasvi Surya tweeted that the repairs on the road will be completed in a month.

Rahul also mentioned that a few months ago, the footpath which has a drain under it, was refurbished at a high cost. But the only replacement was that of a slab and the drain is still completely clogged.

He concluded by saying that the BBMP elections might make a difference, as currently there are no corporators as a point of contact for the association and traders.

The owner of Chandra Hardware Agencies differs by saying, “The corporators will make no difference. That’s the level of corruption in Karnataka today.”

He further said, “There were several steel business owners in the area, who have all now moved because of the mess on this road.”

An ambulance got stuck in the narrow Silver Jubilee Park Road earlier today. After a 15-minute wait, the traffic police present called for an auto to take the injured man to the nearby Victoria Hospital for emergency treatment.

Rajeshwari, a regular traveler on this route said, “This happens a lot here, it’s easier to survive in an accident anywhere than here. It is almost impossible for a quick response from an ambulance nearby, even though Victoria Hospital is hardly a kilometer away.”

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