Work from home challenges blood donations

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Official says that there is a shortage of blood donations as many IT companies are still functioning in work-from-home mode.

Blood banks are facing an acute shortage of blood donations from Information Technology (IT) companies after the pandemic, as most companies are still continuing the work-from-mode culture that was initiated during lock downs.

Ashok H M, Quality Manager at the Indian Red Cross Society said,  “Earlier we used to have plenty of blood donation camps from IT companies as well as educational institutions. But now we are depending more on education institutions as most of the IT companies are still in work-from-home mode and are not conducting blood donation camps like earlier.”

A blood donation camp organised by the National Service Scheme (NSS) of Bhageerathi BaiNarayana RaoMaanay Educational Institutions in Bangalore on Monday, which witnessed only 121 students and faculty donating blood.. The organising committee said that usually they receive more than 400 donations and are expecting more people to come forward.

Azan Bilal,a student of the college, who was donating blood for the second time said,“I think this is a great initiative as we can save someone’s life without putting much effort.”

  • The organising committee expects more than 400 blood donors this time.

The Lion’s club and the Indian Red Cross Society are collecting the donated blood by the faculties, staff, and students of the institutionto their respective blood banks.

Dr.Mukesh, a physician at Astra hospital in Bangalore said that even though there are challenges to blood donations from IT companies, other people are coming forward to organise such blood donation camps. “After the pandemic, people are coming forward as they are more educated.” He added that, after the death of actor PuneethRajkumar, people are conducting blood camps in his name and that is a good initiative.