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Top 10 Movies as Rated by IDMB

By Ajay Rag

The list of top 10 movies as rated by the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). IMDB is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.
Source: IMDB official site

Top five expensive budget movie in 2022

By Yogada Sharma

RRR tops the list of the movies with expensive budgets. It also collected Rs. 1,100-crore in the worldwide box office in 28 days. The other movies with expensive budgets are Radhe Shyam, Laal Singh Chadha, Samrat Prithviraj and Shamshera.

Top 10 movies of Leonardo DiCaprio

By Rakshanda Sharma

Inception, a science fiction thriller that released in 2010 topped the chart followed by Titanic (1997) and Django Unchained that released in 2012. All these movies have an imdb rating more than 7.5 and seven out of them have an imdb rating more than eight.

Top 5 Highest Grossing Horror Movies and their Budgets

By Shreya Chekkilla

This graph is a comparison of the earnings and budgets of the top five highest grossing horror movies. All numbers have been adjusted for inflation to make it easier to compare older films with newer films.

Top 10 ranked Indian directors

By Navya Sruthi

The top ten Indian directors on the basis of their highest collections. Though Prashanth Neel is ranked first, his collection is only Rs. 435 crore while S. S. Rajamouli has the highest collections, i.e., Rs. 511 crore at second place.

Total number of Tamil movies produced and the yearly total box office collection

By Sai Aravindh

The number of movies produced in the Tamil movie industry peaked in the year 2019, and fell in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2017, the total box office collection went up to $279,998,529, with only 45 movies produced.

World’s 10 Richest Film Production Houses

By Shireen

Some of the most popular films in the world have been produced by these production houses. Some examples of these films are Jurassic Park (Universal Pictures), the Harry Potter series (WB), Men in Black (Columbia), etc. Moreover, these three production houses each have produced over 200 films.

Highest Grossing Marvel movies

By Sneha SK

The Incredible Hulk released in 2008 was the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU films now routinely cross box office collections in the billions and have a worldwide fan following. Here are the top 10 highest grossing Marvel movies.

Box Office Revenue for the Indian Film Industry Over the Past Five Years

By Anuja M

The Indian film industry has been generating a significant amount of revenue since FY 2018. Despite FY 2021 witnessing a decrease in the numbers due to COVID-19, the industry has quickly managed to get up and generate an estimated Rs. 132.9 billion.
Source: Statista

Academy Awards nominations of all time and their wins

By Janvi Goel

Top 10 movies of all time that were nominated for an academy award and their wins. Source: Statista

Top 10 SRK movies all times according to IMBd ratings

By Deepali Jain

Shahrukh Khan who is also known as the “King of Bollywood” has done at least 102 movies since 1992. Swades where he plays the role of a scientist, the movie did not to well commercially during its release in 2004 but is one of the cult classics and the most celebrated movie of all times.
Source: IDMB

Highest paid Indian Actress

By Aditi

Deepika Padukone charges 22 crore for each of her movie. The graphs shows the othe highest paid actress of Bollywood in 2022.

Top Crime Movies

By M. Surabhi

Top crime movies to watch based on their Metascore and gross amount.
Source: IDMB

Estimated Number of Screens in India

By Aanchal .K

In the year 2019-20, there were 3150 Multiplex Screens and 6290 Single Screens in India.