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Number of government recognized startups from financial year 2016 to 2022

Yogada Sharma

The number of startups in India that are recognised by the government has increased from 471 to 19,500 from 2016 to 2022 respectively. However there has been a fall in the number of startups from 20,160 in the year 2021 to 19,500 in 2022.

Six best crowdfunding platforms in India for startups

Aanchal Kumari

The Edible Cutlery project of Kickstarter had more than 9000 backers who pledged 278,874 dollars.

Top Ten Unicorn Startups in India in 2022


The year 2022 saw 92 new unicorn startups and these performed the best in terms of their valuation. In 2020, India overtook the United Kingdom as the country with the third highest number of unicorns.

Number of Start-up investments India 2014-2021


In 2021, the number of private equity and venture capital deals in start-ups in India increased from 628 in the previous year to 858. 

Countries with the highest number of unicorns


The United States tops the list of countries with the most number of unicorns, followed by China, and India. However in 2022, India produced 21 new unicorns, which is four times more than that produced by China.

Indian Startup Economy:Key Highlights


Failed indian startups with maximum fundiang


Top 5  failed Indian startups with maximum fundings raised. In 2019, 1300 Indian startups were added to the Indian startup ecosystem. Out of those, it is believed that 1000 startups won’t make it to the year 2025.

Indian startups and their profitability journey

 Sai Aravindh

While dream11 took 11 years to become profitable, startups like Zerodha and Shiprocket took only one and three years respectively. 

Richest startup founders from Bengaluru

Sneha SK

Bangalore is home to many successful start-up entrepreneurs. Here are the youngest billionaires of India who have launched their companies from scratch in Bangalore. 

City-wise number of startups that entered in the Unicorn club in 2022

Shreya Chekkilla

Bengaluru had the highest number of startups which entered the Unicorn club in 2022. The second highest number of startups came from Delhi NCR and Mumbai. LivSpace, Lead, Hasura, Amagi, Open, and Oxyzo were the six startups with female founders to enter the unicorn club in 2022.

Top 5 Indian successful startups

Navya Sruthi

These are the start-ups that survived over the years and their valuation is now more than $100 million.

Top 10 Countries with maximum unicorns (2022)

Rakshanda Sharma

According to Investopedia, “The term unicorn refers to a privately held startup company with a value of over $1 billion. It is commonly used in the venture capital industry.” Currently, the United States has the maximum number of Unicorns.

Top 10 countries with most number of startups

Deepali Jain

UNited States of America has around 76,000 startups whereas India has 16,000. The major factors distinguishing the American start-up ecosystem are its expat culture, the availability of funding, company culture and building, great customer service and the most important, thinking out of the box resulting in innovative ideas which shape the start-up ecosystem.

Winners of National Startup Awards in space over the years

Anuja Mistry

The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has started recognizing and awarding best performing startups since 2020. From various sectors space startups in India have also been receiving awards. As per the National Startup Award Report of the past three consecutive years there were three winners in the year 2020, and one every year in 2021 and 2022 respectively.