ChatGPT renders homework useless

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Expert says the AI search-bot’s ability to provide accurate answers through language and machine learning may have the power to alter the curriculum in schools and colleges.

ChatGPT is causing a stir in the education system as it renders homework obsolete with its ability to personalize feedback and complete tasks independently, leaving educators wondering about the future of homework and critical thinking.

These are words that ChatGPT, wrote in response to a query. The Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered searchbot has left teachers uncertain of the road ahead, because of its ability to solve complex equations using machine and language learning.

Prasanta, a math teacher, said he has been left bemused by ChatGPT’s ability to solve problems and carry out complex equations. He adds that the AI can further disseminate characters and outliers in a math problem, regardless of how the question has been presented, thereby helping students complete homework with a simple click.

“I have used ChatGPT and I was shocked. It can carry out every kind of math equation, no matter the level. Aside from offering an accurate answer, ChatGPT gives a detailed description of the process and the method by  which the problem was solved. This is very worrying for me as a teacher, as students can now easily misuse ChatGPT to solve their homework and learn nothing in the process,” Prasanta said.

Debashish Chowdhury, an English professor, said his students can use ChatGPT’s services to analyse a poem or a literature piece. He said the students can also ask the chatbot to write letters, thereby reducing the knowledge they gain through the traditional academic process.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot that is powered by artificial intelligence. A chatbot is a computer programme that simulates a conversation with a human, especially on the internet. Chatbots are mostly used on consumer service platforms of online tech companies such as Amazon, Flipkart and even the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

But while historically, a chatbot’s role was mostly restricted to answering queries of customers online, ChatGPT can offer much more to the table. The AI chatbot, founded by California-based developer OpenAI, is capable of not only serving as a search engine but also carrying out conversations, writing poems, articles and reports and even coding.

In addition, it \is equipped with language learning, meaning it can understand natural language and identify tone, context and speeches.

How does it provide answers?

ChatGPT is fed by a myriad of data available on the internet, either in the form of text, audio or video. It can synthesize each individual data and collaborate with similar data to come up with a comprehensive answer to a query, in a conversational manner. Its ability to converse allows it to remember both input and output data in the same conversation, making it easier for the bot to answer and the user to comprehend the response.

ChatGPT itself is barred from generating personal opinions, but the AI-powered chatbot claims its ability to solve equations and complete homework can help both the students and teachers, making them more efficient. But it insists the services should not be utilized in an improper way.

“ChatGPT’s ability to understand and complete a wide range of homework and assignments can be a valuable tool for students and teachers when used correctly. It can provide students with accurate answers, explanations and context, allowing them to understand the material better and increase their test scores,” ChatGPT said in a query.

“It can also assist teachers in reducing their workload and focusing on personalized attention. However, it’s important to note that ChatGPT should not be used to cheat or substitute the learning process. It should be used as a learning aid and not to plagiarize any work, and not as a replacement for human interaction and the role of a teacher in the learning process,” it added.

What does the future hold?

However, ChatGPT is currently in its beta-testing stages, meaning its developer OpenAI has kept the service free to use in order to gain feedback from the users. This is being done in order to make the chatbot much more efficient and help the developer feed more information before they come up with the final product.

Earlier this month, OpenAI hinted at the possibility of charging for ChatGPT. “We are starting to think about how to monetize for ChatGPT,” the company said in its official discord server. A paid version of it could be called ChatGPT Professional, though not much information is out on the subject just yet.

A premium version of ChatGPT would offer ‘higher limits’. It may enhance and increase the speed of the Chatbot while allowing the user to use the product without having to worry about traffic.

The current version of ChatGPT has indeed become inaccessible to users on a 24×7 basis due to high traffic. With users flooding the servers, “ChatGPT is at a capacity right now,” is a message that can often be visible on the platform. But Asif claims the paid version could solve this problem as it is likely to be built on a different, more enhanced server.

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