Offices opt for four-day work week


The four-day work week plus the hybrid work model are popular amongst organizations

As Vijju proudly looks over her shoulder, she pats her back for cleaning her room. She said the extra time she gets off of work helped her gain momentum in her personal life.

“I love doing chores and spending time playing with my dog. Hybrid work along with a four-day work week is a boon,” she said.

Employee productivity and team relations have been in focus ever since work from home started, saidSeshaSayee, HR. “Organisations are actively looking for ways to improve inter-team and interpersonal relations,” he added.

A four-day work week is when an employee works for the required number of hours in four working days. Ankit Singh, an employee, emphasized the need for four-day work weeks. “Primarily, it saves an extra day of grind and secondly,it gives you that little time to have a better work life balance.”

The idea behind a four-day work week is to achieve the same results in fewer working hours. This gives space to employees to pursue other interests, spend time with loved ones as well manage their lives saidAbhinav Singh, another employee.

A shorter work week benefits the companies too, added Sayee. “Benefits include increased productivity and sales, decreased business expenses and worker fatigue. Also, a smaller carbon footprint since employees don’t need to commute much and the work premises are used only for four days a week,” she said.

Vishnu Priya, an employee, said that she feels very happy working four days a week. “My salary is not compromised or cut anywhere and I avail the same benefits as everyone else. My productivity increases and I realize that I am efficient with my tasks. Satisfaction with the organisation has increased as it feels that they are working with the employees best interest in mind,” she added.

The hybrid working model helps me beat the mundane routine of Work From Home or Work From Office, stated Subhash Ramesh, an employee. “Since it integrates both the styles, it is easier for me to handle my personal and professional life balance, he added.”

  A Healthline report states that the WHO has officially included burnout in its International Classification of Diseases (ICD). Burnouts are usually related to workplaces.

P Nayantara Nair, a psychologist said that overworking would take a toll on the employees’ physical and mental health.

“Hybrid working along with the four-day work week would help them better and the time off aspect would urge them to perform better,” she added.

The pandemic has affected everyone’s work life balance. Implementing such steps are important for an organization as they would help bring their employees work life balance back. There were no time boundaries even though it was work from home, now with this structure getting popular, employees will be restricted to dedicated timelines. This would help them rejuvenate themselves and bounce back stronger with higher productivity and enthusiasm, she further said.