Congress demands Ashwath Narayan’s resignation


The Congress accused home minister Agara Janendra of suppressing the rape case of a dalit woman in his native village, Araga.

The Congress accused Karnataka Minister of Higher Education CN Ashwath Narayan of corruption and demanded his resignation. A protest against corruption in higher education was organized at Congress Bhavan today.  

Supraj Y.K., district general secretary, of Congress, said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is involved in all the ongoing scams and Narayan is directly linked to them. “The party in power is not capable of providing any justice towards them,” he added.

The protestors talked about the PSI Scam, assistant professor scam, corruption in issuing laptops, and protection of Dalits-after a Dalit woman was raped on Monday at Agara, the native village of home minister Agara Janendra.

While talking about the assistant professor scam, Apoorva C.M., Vice President of All India Democratic Student Organization, taking the protestors’ side, said, “The geography paper was leaked and about 18 questions were out. Somya, a student who was guided by H. Nagaraj, Karnataka University vice-chancellor, leaked it to Mysore University. We later got to know that other papers were also leaked.”

A complaint was filed by the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA). As a result, H. Nagaraj, registrar (evaluation) of Karnataka University, Dharwad, was arrested. 

Apoorva added that the lecturers were bribed and corrupted. Pointing her concern toward the government and their immoral attitude to education she said, “Government is also directly or indirectly hand in hand with these professors.”

She said that without the involvement of the minister and government, these things could not happen smoothly. “It’s a  good thing it’s out in the open. This time they’re caught red-handed. Some links say that Ashwath Narayan is also involved.  All the scams are now being investigated and are not going under the blanket.”

Supraj said, “It is quite obvious that departmental in-charge minister is responsible for this. As the minister is still in power we can’t expect any fare investigation on this.”Apoorva added that they will be meeting the chief minister unofficially. “These things should be immediately taken up. Arresting will not be the only solution. Punishment should be appropriate. For now, we are trying for an appointment.”

Mohan Krishna, BJP Spokesperson for Karnataka dismissed all allegations on the party and said, “This is a false allegation by Congress. They’ve got different motives. Their house is not in order. They’re targeting BJP which is doing an excellent job. CM has presented a very inclusive budget and Congress they don’t have any issues so they’re creating nonsense issues. They are trying to create a perception that we’re not working properly. DK Shivakumar is himself under corruption charges. People are happy with the government. As far as possible we’re working towards development in a right way.”