CCB probes viral video

Karnataka Politics

The viral video which was leaked today captured former MLA Gopalkrishna plotting a murder against BJP MLA SR Vishwanath.

Police are investigating a viral video that purportedly shows a former MLA plotting the murder of BJP MLA S R Vishwanath. Joint Commissioner of Central Crime Bureau (CCB), Sandip Patil, said that, “An investigation has been initiated and the commissioner of CCB will release a statement soon regarding the conspiracy.” 

The conversation in the leaked video allegedly took place five months ago between Gopalkrishna and Kulla Devraj. In the conversation, Gopalkrishna allegedly said, “To win against Vishwanath we need Rs. 100 crores. I will give you one crore if you kill him. We will call sharp shooters from Andhra Pradesh to kill him. Once we kill him we can win easily and nobody has to know about it and it will remain between us.” The CCB has questioned Gopalkrishna and Kullu Devraj regarding the ongoing matter but an FIR is yet to be filed. Police have said that the video was undated and they are further looking into this matter.

The video of the murder sketch against the Yelahanka MLA S.R Vishwanath which was plotted five months ago was leaked today.