Sparkling nail business, back in the game

Business City

Post pandemic proved to be a blooming period for nail salons.

Nail salon owners say they are seeing an unprecedented rise in sales now, compared to the pre-pandemic period.    

Darshana Patil, the owner of Elan Nail Studio of Bangalore said while they were forced to shut down in the pandemic, they kept in touch with all their customers. “After the city reopened, we had a profit of 50 percent. Our business has risen since September. We are eagerly awaiting the December wedding season,” she said.      

Nikita Vankudre, a customer said she has an appointment in a nail salon on monthly basis and she never fails to go there. She added Nail services feel very soothing. I feel confident and beautiful after getting them done.”

Bahvana, owner of Nails Art said that sales have increased by 70-80 percent during the post pandemic period. She can now compensate for all the losses which she faced when business was at the verge of getting closed during pandemic. “I am now thinking of hiring a few employees in my salon—something which I couldn’t afford before,” she said.

Saharul, owner of 3D Nail Art said they are experiencing an increase of almost 80 percent in their sales after re-opening. “Only fully-vaccinated customers are allowed in the salon, because the pandemic isn’t over,” he said.     Post-pandemic era has been very profitable for businesses like salons and theaters, said Garvita Bhangariya, a chartered accountant. “People are finally allowed to be out in public. They want to experience all the things they were deprived of,” he added.