Hike in tuition fees straining pockets

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People who can’t teach their children have to resort to private tuition and pay twice—for school as well as for tuition

More students from economically weak backgrounds are opting for private tuition, putting a strain on their finances. The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2021 shows that the number of students with ‘low’ educated (up to fifth standard) parents opting for tuitions was higher than those with ‘high’ educated parents.

Chandru, an auto driver said he sends his children to tuition as he does not know how to teach them. The tuition fee has been increased as the number of students has been limited during the Covid period. He can barely afford it.


The report also shows that the number of school students enrolling in private tuition increased in 2021 to 40 percent from 28 percent in 2018.

Suman, a small shop owner said, “I have a small shop and my children go to tuition. The increased fees are difficult to pay along with school fees, but I still manage because I don’t want their education to get affected. My wife and I can’t teach our children.”

This increase in dependence on private tuition has resulted in teachers charging more fees.

Kavita Pattajoshi, a private tuition teacher said, “I use to take tuitions of students from standard first to tenth, but after Covid, as primary schools weren’t open, I started tuition for secondary standards. After reopening, the number of students has increased. I charge more fees than before.”

Atashi Rao who takes private tuition said, “I take private tuition. Parents weren’t initially ready to send their kids to the tuition due to covid-19 so I conducted online classes. The number of students has increased as many parents thought their kids would miss out on studies as schools were closed. Pandemic has affected us like everybody else. I increased the fees to recover from it, and many parents are willing to pay the increased fees.”

“The increase in fees by private tuition teachers has led to financial strain for parents as pandemic has already hit the income of the family. My husband and I are working and don’t have time to teach my children so we send them to tuition so their studies are not affected”, said Anuja an electronic engineer.

The education department of Karnataka said enrolment of students in government schools has increased, due to financial loss in the pandemic. A study shows that there is a decrease in household income in India during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Arundhati Agte an economics professor at Sir Parshurambhau College, Pune said, “Household incomes have reduced in the pandemic. Private tuition teachers have increased their fees to compensate, but this is causing a double strain—school fess and tuition charges. There is this assumption that the quality of education is not very good in schools, so parents feel obliged to supplement that education.”


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