Bengaluru galleries showcase art both online and offline

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Art galleries in Bengaluru are adopting a new hybrid model for display of art.

Bengaluru art galleries are back in operation with both online and offline exhibitions. The Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) in Bengaluru which is still under construction operates online with a special pass for their exhibitions.

The online exhibitions are at times free and some require the consumers to buy a pass said officials. They can also buy art in these exhibitions. Many galleries have websites where they exhibit their range of artwork for customers to check out. They also sometimes hold special exhibitions for new collections.

Mahua-The Art Gallery in Armane Nagar, Bengaluru started their operations a month ago, said Kumar, a sales executive at the gallery. He said that, they now have online galleries that have a decent patronage. The physical gallery attracts about eight people in a day and an online crowd of around 10-12 people per day.

Lawrence Gallery manager, at Gallery G said that, “We have decent footfalls now. We also have online shows available. The attendance varies from five to ten people per day and the sale is also better.”

We are lucky to be back in business after lockdown, said Jayanti the gallery manager at Art Houz,Vasanth Nagar.

In the present times, they have physical shows for a minimum of three days per week. They follow social distancing and other precautions for the physical visit of the gallery. She said, “We have online shows too and the response is decent but the business is just average.”

Not all galleries believe in online shows. Oez, the Managing director for Abstract gallery, Cunningham Road, Bengaluru said, “For the first two months after the lockdown there were many customers. As the trend of work from home was prevalent many people thought of decorating their houses but now it’s slow. We are not online, as we think that art is to be seen and physically experienced. If everything goes online then there’s no need of art museums.”

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A Patna-based practising artist, Sunil Kumar Sinha said, “Fine art is such a thing that will never lose its attraction. The elite people, in the coming times will search for a space to invest. Art is a form of entertainment in a way. Now, things like demos and online presentation are taking a front seat. Galleries are trying to come online as it’s an easier way for exhibition. This also provides upcoming and unknown artists a platform. This may increase in the future but there will always be galleries, as art is something to be experienced physically.”

Professor Appajaya, general secretary, Chitrakala Parishath said “Virtual and physical galleries are different. Virtual galleries are a good place to show art but physical exhibitions are preferable. Recently, we had successful shows with about 500-600 people attending.  As for virtual galleries, some people like it and some don’t but the reach is global. For physical shows only local people can attend them but it’s not the case with online shows. When people can’t attend exhibitions they have an option to view it online. This will not affect the physical shows and the virtual aspect is just of part of it.”


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