O2 concentrators not a supplement for cylinders

Covid-19 Health India

Oxygen concentrators, used widely due to the shortage of oxygen cylinders, can not treat critical patients.

Lucknow- As India continues to register a sharp rise of cases in the second wave of Covid-19, oxygen becomes a necessary part of the treatment process. With the shortage of oxygen supply in the country, patients are now being treated using oxygen concentrators.


Dr. Priyesh Bhaskar, who is an anaesthetist and is currently working in the covid wards in Lucknow, said, “The oxygen concentrators are being considered as a substitute of oxygen cylinders presently. But, if we look deep into the matter, the oxygen concentrators can only be used on patients whose oxygen percentage is 90 or above. Anyone below that line strictly needs an oxygen cylinder.”

“This strict need of the cylinder occurs because the oxygen concentrators compress the oxygen which makes it 90 to 95 percent pure. Oxygen cylinders have 99 percent pure oxygen for consumption. A critical ICU patient needs about 45 to 50 litres of oxygen per minute which is unattainable with oxygen concentrators”, he added.