Ain’t no party without a party popper

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Organizing a birthday party? You will now have to pay 30-40 per cent extra on party poppers due to the COVID-19.

By Rhythima Agrawal 

Major Chinese suppliers of cylindrical iron caps have stopped supplying in the Indian market. They are used as a raw material in party poppers. The lockdown in China has left the manufacturers in India in a hand to mouth situation as the stock is limited.

A party popper manufacturer, Sunil Jaisinghani told The Softcopy, that the existing stocks of iron caps will last for three months. “As of now, we are not taking any new orders; we are focusing on meeting our older ones.”

The iron cap which costs Rs. 3-4 per unit takes a month to get shippd to India. Nandkishor Sangani, a retailer of party poppers said, “There is no shortage, but the prices of poppers have been increased by 30 to 40 per cent.”  He further added that the price of poppers depends entirely on the appearance.

“Although some Indian manufacturers have started the production of iron caps but the quality and prices are not at par with that of China “, Jainam Shah, an importer from Mumbai said.

Anil Dhagat, Former Director and Professor in Management at Gyan Ganga Institute of Technical Science said, “There can be manifold solutions. Firstly, the manufacturers should make a substitute. Secondly, they should try to make some other product from the existing raw material.