Men crave that macho look


Bengaluru has seen an increase in the number of people going for beard transplant in the past three months.

By Abhinav Kumar

The Apollo Hospital in the city has operated on more than 12 people for beard transplants in the past month. They are treating three people a week for beard transplants. Please put this four people a week here, if the number is correct. Saket Sinha, an IT professional, who has undergone a beard transplant surgery, said, “A beard is an important part of a man’s style statement. The surgery, though a costly process that costs around Rs 50-60 thousand, is easy.  Not only can you get a full-grown beard but also one with perfect volume. ”

A beard transplant is a process where in hair follicles, generally from the back and the sides of the head (as they are considered to be safe donor areas), are implanted in the face.

Another full-beard aspirant, Abhishek Ganguly, said that he will undergo the surgery in a few months. “Beauty in men is as important as beauty in women. If I have the resources for the transplant, why not go for it?”

The surgery could also be helpful for people in certain professions. Sharad Saxsena, a model, told  The Softcopy, “In the modelling industry, perfection is what gets you more work. If I require the surgery, I’ll go for it for sure.”

Proponents of natural beard have also come round to the view of such beard-enthusiasts. Vishal Singh of the Bharat Beard Club  said, “We always promote naturally grown beard. But if anyone wants to go for such transplants, we should respect their decision too.”

Dr. Aeshana Arora at DHI India, Bangalore said, “Everyone wants to have a perfect beard these days. More people now are coming for beard transplants than hair transplants. A good beard is the new trend.”

Dr. Ravi Prasad, a psychiatrist, said the obsession with beards starts with a desire to be “perfect”, “People like following film stars and other such celebrities. They should be happy with what they have and stop chasing the so-called ‘perfect’ look.”


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