Maski has no money

State Taluk

People of Maski taluk do not have  proper access to banking facilities and ATM machines. Most of the ATMs is out of cash and the rest are closed.

Yumna Ahmed

Residents of Maski are still struggling for lack of banking facilities.

Shareef, a resident of Maski, narrated his condition and on how they are affected by the lack of banking facilities. He said, “Firstly we have to wait in a long queue to collect cash and most of the times ATMs do not have enough supply of cash. Banks remain closed making it inaccessible for the people. 

Ambresh  said,  “Fifty villages comes under this Zila Parishad and none of the villages has access to banks or ATM. We have requested to the government for the availability of banks and ATM and they said they are looking into the matter.

Sharanappa, a resident of Benaknal confirms that due to lack of supply of money in the ATM, he has to travel a lot everyday to withdraw money.

He said, “We have to travel all the way to Maski which is almost twenty to twentyfive km away from the place just to withdraw cash. Most of the time cash is not available so we have to come back repeatedly and that is time consuming.” Basavaraju a panchayat development officer said, “Weare looking into the matter and have requested the government for better transport facilities to reach to the ATMs if necessary along with the proper access to banks and ATMs.”

People from different villages come to the city and have to stand in a queue for a long time.  The Softcopy team figured that seven out of 10 ATMS were out of cash and the rest were closed. People informed that most of the time cash is not available and the scenario has been constant  demonization.

Sethappa a farmer from Muldini tanda said, “It is very difficult for me to travel all the way to Maski and withdraw cash. My son works in Bangalore and when he sends money for us we are unable to get it because there is no cash in the ATM. The village even lacks bank facilities.”

Abdul Aziz a local journalist from Maski said, “The condition is worsening day by dayday by day because the government is not looking into the matter. The ATMs remain cashless or shut for most of the times.