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Transgenders charged for immoral activities in Cubbon Park

Bengaluru, Oct. 23, 2018 : The landmark area of Cubbon Park in Bengaluru is a spot for lovers of the city, and people have observed more transgender couples around the park recently, especially after section 377 of the Indian Penal Code decriminalised third gender persons.

According to an official, many cases have been filed against transgenders who were involved in unacceptable activities in a public park, and the number of cases against the community is going higher as more than 15 offences have been being reported.

[/media-credit] Cubbon Park, Bengaluru

Vashuraj, a police constable said “Transgenders are seen quite often around the park and indulge in unacceptable activities.” On the other hand, a frequent visitor of the park mentioned “I come to Cubbon Park regularly and I can truly say that this place has turned quite unsafe much more during the evenings, especially for girls. I am not against transgenders, it is their right and it is not just about transgenders but all in general that people have forgotten to maintain their decency in a public place.”

Moulea Saab, a tea seller, says he has seen several times transgenders walking hand in hand, especially near the bamboo plantations, where people try to find a place to spend time.”

[/media-credit] Bamboo Plantation, Cubbon Park, Bengaluru

Ramesh, a lab technician in a Red Cross Blood Bank mentioned that “I have been coming to the park for the last 30 years and I can clearly say that the park is under no rules and regulations. It is under no strict observance of the police either.  A person cannot sit here with family, as the view becomes so obnoxious. Scenes during the weekends are unbearable as the park turns into a lovers’ park.”

Remeen Firoz, an environmental expert working in Department for International development from Dhaka says: “Parks need to be well monitored so that they are used for the purpose of conservation and some recreation. She also said “Transgenders can be made the guardians of the park , they can get paid and guard the park as opposed to engaging in other activities that are anti-social.  People should be made aware of the importance of such parks, and in fact, should be made involved in the awareness programmes. Immoral activities in such public parks can be reduced by providing alternative options and this can be done by the government only.”

She also mentioned that “The reason why transgenders engage in such activities is because they have no choice as there is still a lack of acceptance for them. If we talk about transgenders, historically they have been ousted from society and it is time that the situation changes. Most importantly, decent employment could surely be a game changer.”




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  1. Actually the govt should do something to make people more aware and transparent about this thing, like not to take it the other way, usually people take. It’s fine that the Section 377 has been abandoned, but it will take some time for the people to accept this. And obviously, everything has a right time and place to betide. Agreed completely with the article.
    Very well observed and written. Cheers to the writer.

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