Flood effect: Villagers demand shifting of village


Ramathal village, situated besides Malaprabha River, flooded twice this year within the span of three months.

Vivek Kumar M

People of Ramthal demand shifting the village after the devastation caused by recurring floods. Villagers say more than 60 homes were damaged during the floods in August this year.

Yamanappa, one of the villagers, said, “Many houses were destroyed during 2009 floods and now it is happening again. This is troubling us again and again. Over 65 houses are damaged this time. So much of crops and livestock are also damaged. That’s why we have written a letter to MLA requesting him to shift the village.”

Mahantesh Gundappa, member of Huvinahalli Gram Panchayat, said, “Only 26 houses have been damaged in the floods and the MLA has received letter from villagers to shift the village. But no decision has been taken on it yet.”

The anganwadi in the village is located just next to the Malaprabha River which risks the lives of children. Around 30 to 40 children go there every day.

Ramaiyya Hucchaiyya Hiremath, a farmer whose house is next to the anganwadi, says “It has been three weeks. Every time it rains, water gets into the school in here. School has declared holiday from today. There was similar situation months ago.”

Sameer, Urban and Rural planner from Centre for Urban and Rural Infrastructure Planning (CURIPe), said, “If there is a possibility to shift the village, government should go forward with it. There are farm lands there. So, it might not be easy to provide new land to all villagers.

“If it is not possible to shift villagers, government should help the villagers financially in building pucca houses. This will help reduce the flood damage.”