Going farther to study further

State Taluk

Lack of secondary school in Mudhol village compels the children to go to Yelburga for further studies.

By Shubhangi Mathur

Mudhol village in the Yelburga Taluk lacks  secondary schools .Children have to commute 8.5 kms to the Taluk school, if they wish to continue studying   after seventh standard.

Imama Hussain, resident of Mudhol village, said that his sister often faces problems because she has to cover a long distance to reach the school.  “Children have to go to the taluk after seventh standard as they do not have any other option. My sister has not dropped out but she skips school sometimes because of  the distance,” said Hussain.

Panchayat officials say that they are planning to build secondary schools in the village. FD Kattimani, Panchayat Development Officer, Mudhol village, said, “The children go to Yelburga taluk to continue studies after seventh grade. The dropout rates are negligible; therefore, we do not have secondary schools. But we are planning to build schools till tenth standard in the village.”

The Right to Education(RTE) Act 2009  mentions the importance of free and compulsory education aged between 6-14 years in India under Article 21 (A) of the Constitution of India.

Experts say that most of the villages in India face problems such as lack of schools, PHCs, toilets etc.

Dr. V Ramesh, Head of Department of Civil Engineering in Rajarajeshwari College of Engineering, Bangalore, said, “The villages in India generally do not have proper schools. Either the infrastructure is not good or the teachers are unqualified. Also the number of students enrolled in schools in villages is quite low, which becomes another reason for not constructing schools.”