Bengaluru Blasters’ co-owner summoned by CCB

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Bengaluru Police formed SIT to investigate match-fixing scandal in KPL

By Arghyadeep Dutta

In a recent update to Karnataka Premiere League match-fixing scandal, CCB summoned Bengaluru Blasters’ co-owner, Venkateshwara Rao, today along with the manager of Mysuru Warriors. He was spotted outside Central Crime Branch, Bengaluru, as confirmed by an investigation officer of CCB.

There’s been an investigation going on from October, 2019 on the match-fixing. CCB has been involved in the case after they arrested a bookie.

CCB had arrested an international bookie–Bengaluru Blasters’ bowling coach. CCB also issued look-out corner notice for Ballari Tuskers’ owner Arvind Venkatesh Reddy.

CM Gautam (captain) and Abrar Kazi (wicket-keeper),  of Ballari Tuskers, had been arrested and were found guilty.

On Sunday, CCB sent a notice to Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) for the list of names and contact details of the players and about the matches conducted in 2018 and 2019.

“We received the notice and we have sentmost of the details on Monday. As this case is under investigation, it is not possible to give out minute details. If there will be an update, we will inform the press,” said Shankar, a member of selection committee of KSCA.