The mischievous intruders from Turahalli

City Environment

Monkeys from the Turahalli Forest Reserve are getting into the nearby apartments in search of food and are stealing goods.

By Kurian Joe

Residents complain that monkeys from the forest reserve enter apartments. Food items and goods are constantly being stolen, causing disturbances to the apartment owners.

“Monkeys are a big menace as they take things from the balconies like clothes, food, and also create a mess “says Mr. Kiran V, resident of an apartment near Turahalli Forest.

Construction of apartments and parks has taken up forest space. The cutting of trees for expansion and timber wood have destroyed the natural habitat of the monkeys making it hard to find food and shelter.

The habitat of monkeys has changed drastically in the last 20 years. Relocating the animal is not a solution as monkeys are territorial animals and will not survive if taken away from its natural habitat.

“There are 10 to 15 monkey-cases daily” said Mr.Prasana Kumar, Karnataka forest department Chief warden of wildlife.

[/media-credit] Relocating the animal is not a solution as monkeys are territorial animals.

Under the Wildlife Act of 1972, wild animals cannot be caught without direct permission from the government.

“We handle small cases, but if the issues are difficult, like a huge group of monkeys and are out of our reach, then the forest department is contacted “said Mr.M K Chawala ,Deputy of conservation of forest BBMP.

Small complaints and issues related to monkeys are handled by the BBMP. The BBMP notifies the forest department in case of a situation that cannot be handled. Monkeys can only be captured with a direct permission from the government.

“More fruit trees like guava, chicku, mango and trees which animals can nest on should be planted. This will provide shelter and food for monkeys. Food and goods should be kept inside to avoid attracting monkeys” says Mr. Annand Nair, Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre.

There is no work currently being done to solve the monkey-menace by the government.